Summertime Madness

I parked my car at a nearby parking lotWatched the rain trickle down my windshield

And just waited for time to pass me by

I watched people pass by, covering their heads as if that would keep them from getting wet

Running as if that would get them any drier

Well, at least they got somewhere to go…

At least they know where they’re going

Go… that’s a word I’ve used too often for the past week but I don’t really know what it means

Is it to go now… go here… let’s go… let go

Is it to go on… go forever… go now… or never

The rain poured harder and my chest gets heavier

Is it possible for the rain to drench my heart without touching it? 

But maybe that goes for all of us… 

To feel without touching… to love without knowing… 

I closed my eyes and listened to the thunder

Finally there’s something louder than the pounding of my heart… something greater than the calling of my soul… 

Oh, right.. I have a soul…

A soul that feels everything and nothing all at once

Not like blessing but more like a curse

A soul that loves too deeply, so deep it hurts

Like your soul is being ripped towards all directions

Like you’re drinking poison but your body embraces it

You embrace it because it’s the only thing that made you feel alive

Summer Rain

The sky calls out to me again

It’s all too familiar, are you a foe or a friend?

It sends its warning as darkness came

The heavens must be feeling the same

The cold breeze held me like a soft embrace

Like a touch from a stranger, should I feel safe?

But I held on tighter, hoping it would last

Just a little longer… don’t leave… not so fast

And all of a sudden, it started to pour 

I’m drenched and I’m hopeless but still wanting more

It feels like I’m drowning… and I’ve felt this before

Like it was just yesterday… now I feel it once more

The raindrops became more gentle as time passes by

Just like deja vu, I must prepare to say goodbye

I’m torn between holding on and letting go

Still in between “We could’ve been” and “I told you so”

A little too close to falling apart

A little too similar to losing my heart

And just as the rain decided to leave

I’m left alone again, with my heart on my sleeve

“I should’ve known better” is what I always say

I shouldn’t have kept my hopes up that it’ll stay

Just one more day… one more goodbye

Just one more memory and one last cry

I look up the sky and watch the clouds clear away

It’s time to move on, it’s another day

I’ll see  you again… maybe someday

Maybe then, time will be ours… and maybe, just maybe…  

You’ll stay. 

Featured Image by Unsplash