What’s the only reason you’re holding me tonight

Are you scared to be lonely? 

I’m not. I’m actually scared of the opposite. 

Somehow I’m not sure of what’s on the other side

I remember the warmth of his skin when it touches mine

The sound of his voice when he whispers on my ear

The look on his face when I enter the room

The sound of our laughter about a joke only the two of us know

Is it that feeling? Is it what’s on the other side?

If that is it… then all of it is just temporary… 

Like how his skin feels on someone else’s

Like how his voice sounds when he whispers on her ear

Like the look on his face when he sees her walk in

Like the sound of their laughter about a joke only the two of them know

It’s temporary happiness, it’s inconsistency 

Now tell me, why shouldn’t I be scared of that?

Featured photo from Unsplash