So for one last time, I’m gonna let myself go. 
I finally saw you again after so long, asking you to pay up and you said, “I’m not gonna pay you shit, you traumatized our kid. I’m not gonna pay you shit.”

First of all, why are you the angry one when you’re the one indebted to me. And let me give you a run down of where you got it wrong.

1. Not your kid.

2. You sent 2 of your ex’s to the hospital, you know nothing about trauma. 

3. You owe all of your ex’s money, SO HOW BOW DAT? 

4. “Borrow muna ko, di pa dumadating TF ko” was your favorite line aside from “Pwede maglambing?” to start off when you need something.

5. Okay, I’m confused here but why are you mad at me when I was the one who caught you cheating and you owe me money? Is that how the world works now or some fucked up reverse psychology thing?

6. And dude, stop saying your ex girlfriend’s spreading false stories about you when you’re the one doing that–

  • That story about your ex you broke up with because she can’t buy you “shake?” I don’t know how I bought that story but dude, you are so good with your mind games. Come on, who breaks up over a fruitshake?
  • And that other ex that wrecked your car? She didn’t just leave you there, she went straight to your grandparents to say sorry even though you physically hurt her. Hey, that’s domestic violence, you should be sued for that! And how much was the damage on the car? 200K? Come on, the job done on your car wasn’t even that good. And you make her send you money every 2 weeks while you’re already with another girl that you ask money from? And when she caught you on Tinder you’re gonna say “I love you” like WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS man, seriously? 
  • Oh, that kid you said I traumatized? You brought her there when you had a girlfriend and you just happened to get caught. So tell me, who traumatized who? 

Don’t talk to me about trauma when you clearly don’t know what it means. I stand up for everyone who suffers from Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder so don’t start with me because I’m gonna get you schooled. 

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