13 Reasons Why You Should Shut The Fuck Up

13 reasons why is probably the realest show I’ve seen so far… so real to those people who had gone through a similar ordeal. A lot of you may hate it or say the lead character is so dramatic but it tackled the issues everyone is so afraid to face.

Before you start with the “Hey, it’s Hannah Baker” jokes, let me tell you what depression is… 

Depression is said to be caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. It may be caused by faulty mood regulation or genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and different medical conditions or chronic illnesses. (Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School)

It is not just a feeling of being sad on a certain day or being “overly dramatic” as what other people say. It is not a choice. Depressed people did not choose to be depressed.

Depression is diagnosed based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Yes, there is a criteria so you don’t just call out someone and say “Oh, she’s just a drama queen!”

To be diagnosed with major depression, one must be in a depressed mood or should have loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities for more than 2 weeks. You can also recognize impairment in social or occupational activities or in educational aspect. You should also recognize at least 5 of the following:

1. Depressed mood or irritability almost everyday

2. Decreased interest or please in most activities almost everyday

3. Significant weight change or change in appetite

4. Change in sleep: either lacking or excess of it

5. Agitation or retardation in activities

6. Fatigue or loss of energy

7. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness or even reduced self esteem

8. Diminished ability to focus or concentrate or just indecisiveness

9. Thoughts of death or suicide or ideas of self harm.

Well, we can’t always say that it’s depression right away. There are also other factors to be considered. Was there any substance abuse involved such as drugs, alcohol or other medications? Is he/she suffering from medical illnesses that may cause hormonal imbalance? Is he/she going through bereavement? Or are there any other mental illnesses to be considered? Nevertheless, such symptoms should not be taken lightly.

So now that you know what depression is (or at least understand a little), let me tell you 13 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP

  1. Everyone is going through something. Don’t just give out unsolicited advice if you don’t know the whole story. Depressed people don’t need you to talk, they just need you to listen.
  2. When you say “It’s okay,” you’re only making it worse. It’s not as easy as just snapping the fingers and the feeling would just disappear.
  3. The shitty little comments you say can break someone who’s been trying to just make it through the day. Think twice before you drop those unnecessary words.
  4. Don’t just say stuff because you think it’s funny or cool when it’s obviously demeaning to another person. Stop trying. You can’t even put “funny” or “cool” in your resumé, so who are you trying to impress?
  5. It’s not your fault someone is depressed but it’s going to be your fault someone feels bad when you’re being too insensitive. Your words and your actions can affect the people around you.
  6. Of course you can’t know everything that’s happening in the world and in people’s lives and it’s not really your responsibility to know but it wouldn’t make you less of a person to just be nice and care about what’s happening to other people.
  7. Girls… before you start making that shady comment about another girl… aren’t you a girl too? So what if she’s a little thicker? Is it so important in your life that she’s wearing a lot of makeup or too little clothing? Don’t say you’re just looking out for her because if you are, you should be stopping those people who are judging her. It’s not a if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them thing, you are just being a mean lil bitch.
  8. And guys, stop making that comment that she’s easy or she’s a slut, whore or whatever name you can come up with… First of all, do you even know her personally? 2nd, did she even notice you? Did she even sleep with you? Oh heck, even if she did, did you really have to talk about it? Did it make your dick any bigger or your performance any better? And please stop the “catcalling,” FYI it’s harassment!
  9. Why is there so much hate on social media, seriously guys… why do you hate so much? If you’re bored, grab a book, go out with your friends… stop making social media your sole purpose of existence.
  10. If you got a problem with someone, go talk to them. Don’t hide behind those Facebook likes and comments of people who don’t even know the other side of the story. Their opinion will not fix the issue.
  11. Stop making fun of someone’s appearance or flaws, because let me ask you this… how good-looking do you really think you are? Yes, to your family you’re a fucking gem but it doesn’t make you flawless so stop mocking anyone for how they don’t fit to your standards of beauty.
  12. To anyone who’s mocking “depression,” please stop. If you don’t understand it, you don’t have to say that it’s not real. Keep your opinion about what you don’t understand. You are the reason there’s a stigma. You are the reason depressed people hide and pretend to be okay then end up dying.
  13. Lastly, if you are not really depressed but you’re just craving for attention… JUST STOP. You are the reason why depression is being set aside or ignored. Stop being the “boy who cried wolf” and start having a life.

Your words and actions can save or end a life… choose wisely. And if you’re the one who’s suffering from depression, PLEASE GET HELP. You don’t have to suffer alone. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. You can get better. You should get better.

Featured photo by unsplash.com

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