I’m having a child!

Before you start jumping into conclusions, I would have to say I’m not pregnant. I may look like one from all the cake I’ve been eating, but I really am not HAHA! Yes, I am having a child but I’m not bearing one… not even in the near future so before you start opening your mouth, let me tell you how…

“Why do you want to be a doctor?” asked the consultant during my interview when I was applying for medical school. I forgot what everyone else answered but some said “I want to save lives” as expected. I didn’t give that answer because it didn’t feel right. 

I can still remember my exact words then: “I’m taking Medicine because I believe that this is the best choice I can have for myself and for my family. My parents sent me to the best schools and I want to make the most of  that opportunity to better myself… I want to be part of the Doctors Without Borders because I want to help different people or races, I’ve always been fascinated with culture.” I also remember telling the story about my college thesis where we hiked the Cordillera mountains for 6 hours and immersed with the tribe there to document the medicinal plants they use in their community and how I want to do a medical mission there once I become a doctor. I was so sure then of my purpose in being a doctor. But when I got in the system, I forgot all of that…

Burn out was my mortal enemy. I was used to studying just enough and sometimes not at all because I grew up getting okay (?) grades with little effort. Medicine is a different story. I wanted to learn but I didn’t know how to study. I was so frustrated because I can’t do everything I want… I want to dance. I want to make art. I want to make music. I want to write. I got so many dreams I have to let die! 

During my 4th year, I got into training at an actual hospital setting. It was overwhelming for someone whose pre-med course only involved dissecting animals and plants or looking through the microscope. There I saw the true color of the field. It felt more like a war zone than a refuge. I saw the hierarchy amongst doctors, the hate among colleagues and the shaming from patients. I wouldn’t say it’s all bad because I’ve also met a lot of good people in the field… but my heart was breaking day by day. I remembered that interview I had before I got into Med school and seeing that same purpose from other people was a rare occurrence. 

After being so down, I decided I want to change this path. I’m going back to fulfilling my purpose and my dreams. Of course I can’t join Doctors without Borders just yet. Our family is not wealthy and I can’t just go away as I please and leave them behind… I still have to set that dream aside and claim it at the end of all my pursuits. That dream would have to wait at the end of my journey. 

When I celebrated my birthday with the Pediatric Cancer Patients at Bahay Aruga, I realized that my dream can be achieved little by little, one step at a time. There are so many other ways that I can do to fulfill my purpose.” I looked for organizations I can take part of that involve giving the youth a brighter future, hence I found World Vision. 

World Vision is an organization that allows you to be a sponsor for less fortunate children and gives them access to education, health care, values formation and child protection projects in their community. It also gives leadership trainings and livelihood opportunities to the child’s family and community. 

So yeah, I decided I want a child. I received my welcome kit today and I can’t wait to interact with my child; to send and receive letters and gifts! I will be sent an annual progress report to see how she’s doing and if my schedule permits, I could even be allowed to visit her once I coordinate with the Donor Care Team. She’s in 1st grade now. Sponsorship may last from months to years depending on the sponsor and recipient’s circumstances and if we’re lucky enough, I can help her graduate through high school! Given my present condition, I don’t get really excited often anymore but this opportunity makes my heart a hundred times heavy in a good way. I want to start sending letters already! 

With everything that happened in my life, I realized that dreams take a big part of who you are. It may be big or small but disregarding it could break you as a person. I want to help someone else fulfill their dreams and I think the best way do that is to give them the opportunity to have an education–give them a part of the opportunity I was blessed to have. 

And oh, don’t think I’m rich enough to do this because I’m not! Sponsoring a child would only cost you 750 pesos a month–that’s only 25 pesos per day! If you are able enough, World Vision allows you to sponsor more than 1 child. If we can allot money for irrelevant things then maybe 25 pesos a day wouldn’t be much of a burden, right? After sending your pledge to World Vision, you will receive a welcome kit which consists of info of your sponsorship recipient and the manual. 

So if you got a few bucks and a space in your heart to spare, please please please sponsor a child! Be a blessing to someone ❤️

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