New Year, Old Luck

… so I was driving last night on my way to the hospital for my first duty as a Post-Graduate Intern when a fast-approaching cab hit my car… HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Remember how Filipinos always believe in superstitions? 

“Don’t go somewhere far, you’re graduating” “Don’t do that, your birthday is coming up.”

I don’t believe in those… never did. But it’s funny when life puts you in certain situations that would make you wonder… I’m turning 25 tomorrow, how lucky was I? 

I’m not here to talk about my beliefs or to point fingers. And it wasn’t like an incident that gives you flashbacks of your entire life and makes you go back a different person. I’m just grateful I’m still alive. 

Ever since the time I learned how to drive, this is the first time that I remained calm. I was always mad at stupid drivers; people who doesn’t know how to give signals; people who are inconsiderate in giving way; driving to slow; driving too fast… but when the cab hit me, I was perfectly calm. The bystanders, the other vehicles passing with their passengers, everyone who witnessed what happened–all of them said “Wag mo papatakasin yan, ikaw ang nauna, nakapasok ka na, kitang kita.” Even the people there offered to help me call the authority. Good thing, one of my friends (this is a better story but I’ll save it for a more appropriate time, thanks K and also to your family!) was there to help me out. 

The entire time we were waiting at the police station (it was my first time to be in one so good thing I didn’t get an anxiety attack), the cab driver was adamant about telling that it was his fault. He kept saying it was an “accident.” Even the police in charge was telling us it’s going nowhere with the driver’s statement and it’s better to sue the driver and his operator. I asked for his operator’s number. I noticed his hand was shaking when he was showing me his phone. His lips were trembling when he was talking to his operator on the phone. I know it’s not right to sue anyone for something so simple. I’m alive and I didn’t get hurt and I don’t want to take away someone’s means of living for something so petty. It’s going to eat my time away too if I pushed through with filing a case. I asked him if he has a family and I can’t help but feel bad. 

At the end of the day (very end cause we were there until midnight), all I wanted was for him to admit that he was wrong. He signed an agreement that he’ll pay 1K (the only money he got left) and will be paying if he’s able to already… it was also stated there that he’s the one at fault. I know it’s not wise to trust people with words when it comes to those kinds of situations but I guess I’m just leaving it all up to his conscience. I did get what I want somehow and it made everything “okay.” 

Sometimes, you’ll be given the worst things in life and you have to pick something good from it. Life’s going to give us situations we can’t control and we just have to somehow work on how we react to it. It’s like what my counselor told me: “We can only act on the things we can control and that is ourselves.” Sometimes people would do us wrong and we can’t expect them to admit to that. They can hurt us but we may never get the apology we needed. What’s important is how we deal with it and just have faith that it will get better.

Oh, btw.. the insurance should take care of it, so maybe yeah, I made the right choices to start the year right. And if I did get hurt, well maybe my family would be crazy mad and there would be a law suit– but God is good so here I am still alive and kicking! 

P.S. I thought my parents would kill me (not literally… or maybe?) and they didn’t so I still got lucky… and I missed my first duty, I’m so sorry 😥

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